im looking for a another dual for my account on a foreign speed server that started early this week. The account is teutons top 10 raider and has 2 villages. On the account there are currently 2 and we are looking for another 1 or maybe 2 if the online times would be good. Now something about myself:

  1. Account Tribe Teuton
  2. Offensive
  3. Quadrant location +/+
  4. Population / Number of Villages : 300 , 2villages
  5. Achievements Top 10 raider atm and near top 10 attackers
  6. Gold Account
  7. Experience in what fields: raiding, attacking
  8. Online Times needed (GMT +1) 12am -5am preferably, but can also be other
  9. How to contact you & further communication: Pm me on forum and I can give you my sykpe afterwards for more info about the account and to ask you a few questions if you will be interested.