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  • Both (donation system and defense point distribution system)

    15 23.08%
  • Only donation system

    2 3.08%
  • Only defense point distribution system

    17 26.15%
  • None

    31 47.69%
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Thread: Rise of Alliances features on regular servers

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    We have no say over the polls or options at domain level but I have passed your comments to the game center who are managing the changes in my weekly feedback.
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    I welcome new changes, they keep the game fresh and force more experienced players to rethink the game and come up with new strategies. This also means that new players join on a slightly more level playing field.

    I did vote for neither options, however as they are being implemented, why not embrace them?
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    I think as long as the interface changes and the mobile app are being implemented (and are not the april fool joke), overall this will be a move forward for travian and will help to bring fresh blood which is what has been needed for years...
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