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Thread: Hero Adventures :The Maze

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    Default Hero Adventures :The Maze

    The Maze

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    An old Gypsy looked really suspicious. Nevertheless, Mark Atilius took a closer look at the scroll which she was holding in her hands.
    “Be sure, master, be sure, there is still enough gold left in that old gold mine! This map will make you rich! At least those who I had sold the same scrolls to in the past never came back dissatisfied! – the old gypsy chuckled with an evil look in her eyes, which she helplessly tried to hide. – Never came back, never… – she chortled again. – I am too old to go there myself, but you’re young and brave. You’ll get lucky!”
    “Ok, old lady, I don’t trust a single word you’re saying (except for the last part, heh), but it does look like an interesting adventure! What could possibly go wrong anyway? – Mark Atilius replied – I’ll search the place!”
    As soon as Mark Atilius entered the abandoned mine, he heard a loud rumble and huge stones cut him off from the entrance. Now the only hope he had was the scroll the old witch had given him.
    Help Mark to find the second exit!

    Answers will be revealed Friday 17th March after 11AM GMT


    1st player to correctly complete wins 100 gold
    3 other players will be selected at random and receive 50 gold


    One Entry Per person.
    Competition open to all players and staff (excluding CSR/CM)
    Gold can only be received on UK servers
    Competition will close Friday 17th March 11am GMT

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    My solution.

    Username: lxd
    Server: Roax2

    I'm not really sure it's uploaded, there is no attachment option to the thread (I'm new on this forum), this is the link of the online uploaded pic, just in case;

    My solution.
    Username: lxd
    Server: Roax2

    Not really sure if the photo is visible, this is the link: just in case.

    My solution, third time posting, sorry for spam, I'm just not getting any confirmation that post went through.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Username: lxd
    server: Roax2

    This is the link, just in case.
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    The Answer

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    First Prize Winning 100 Gold LemonD

    Winners of 50 Gold Dr3K -- lxd -- TheCodfather

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