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Thread: The builders Day 5

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    Smith is Teuton, Potter and Carpenter are Gaul. Money is with the Carpenter.

    a). Smith is a Teuton and tells the truth - means that Potter is Gaul and lies and the money is with the Carpenter.
    Potter is a Gaul and lies, therefore the Smith and Carpenter must be different tribes. Since the smith is Teuton the Carpenter must be Gaul.
    Carpenter is Gaul and lies, he says the potter tells the truth - a lie as potter is Gaul. Says he left his money in the potters shop, also a lie. Everything fits.

    b). Smith is a Gaul and lies. Means the potter must be teuton and the money isn't with the Carpenter.
    Potter is a Teuton so tells the truth therefore Smith and Carpenter are both Gauls.
    Carpenter is a Gaul and lies, however, he says the potter tells the truth which isn't a lie so this can't be correct.

    Therefore scenario a) is the correct one.
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    fuzzy navel uk 2
    potter is gaul
    smith is teut
    carpenter is gaul
    money at carpenters

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    Smith = Teuton
    Potter = Gaul
    Carpenter = Gaul
    money is at Carpenter's

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    If the smith is tueton, then the other 2 must be guals.
    If the potter is a tueton, then other 2 are the same tribe.
    The carpenter cannot be a tueton, because then one of the tuetons would be lying, which is not possible for the riddle.

    The money is at the carpenters shop. - Smith, The money is at the potters house - Carpenter
    (same tribe - if the carpenter is telling the truth, then the smith and he give oposing facts and cannot be both tuetons, but this is the scenario for if the carpenter is a tueton so therefore it is impossible the carpenter is telling the truth.)

    Because if the carpenter is saying the truth, that means that the potter is also saying the truth, and that cannot be possible.

    Smith - Tueton
    Potter - Gual
    Carpenter - Gual with cash
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    Smith is Teuton, Potter is Gaul, Carpenter is Gaul

    He left his money in the carpenter's shop

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    potter = gaul
    carpenter = gaul
    smith = teuton
    money = carpenter
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    The smith is Teuton, the carpenter and the potter are Gauls so the money is in the carpenter's shop.

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    Default Answer

    Potter belongs to the gauls.
    Smith and carpenter bolong to the Teutons.
    He left the money at the potter.

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    The Potter is Gaul
    The Smith is Teuton
    The carpenter is Gaul

    The driver left his money at the carpenters shop

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    If the Potter is telling the truth, he must be a Teuton. But if he's a Teuton, then the Carpenter and Smith must be Gauls, because they can't all three be Teuton. The Carpenter however can't be a Gaul, and be stating a truth in saying the Potter is telling a truth. Which means that the Carpenter is definely a Gaul, as he's lying, which means the Smith must be a Teuton. If the Smith is a Teuton he's telling the truth, which means the Carpenter has the gold.

    Smith = Teuton
    Potter= Gaul
    Carpenter = Gaul and has the money.

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    Help the caravan driver find out which tribe each merchant belongs to and where he left his money.

    Teutons never lie.
    Gauls always lie.

    Smith: Potter is Gaul | Money in carpenter’s shop
    Potter: Smith and Carpenter are either Teutons or Gauls
    Carpenter: Potter tells the truth| Money in potter’s shop.

    Let’s assume that potter is Teuton and tells the truth.
    That means that the Smith and Carpenter are either Teutons or Gauls.
    If they Teutons = they can’t lie, but they tell that the money was left in the different shops = impossible solution.
    If they Gauls = they always lie = Smith tells lie (correct), but Carpenter says: Potter tells the truth – impossible solution, because in this case it conflicts with the tasks (Gauls always lie).

    So, if both situations are impossible for Potter as Teuton = Potter is Gaul => Smith and Carpenter belong to different tribes.
    Carpenter is Gaul too, because he agrees with the Potter (and therefore tells lie). => only Smith is Teuton, because Potter lied about him (that the Smith belongs to the same tribe as the carpenter)

    So, the only possible solution is:
    Smith is Teuton.
    Potter is Gaul.
    Carpenter is Gaul, Money in his place.

    Winners Day Five
    Each receive 30 Gold

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