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Thread: Christmas & New Year Ceasefire

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    Default Christmas & New Year Ceasefire

    Dear Players,

    Once again its that time of year where even the natars get in the Christmas spirit and consume a large amount of mince pies and mulled wine so we will have two ceasefires over the festive period.
    Due to UKX and UK3 being in the endgame stages, no ceasefire will apply there.

    Christmas ceasefire
    Time: 24th December 12:00 until 27th December 12:00 (UK time)
    Servers: UK2, UK4, UK5 UK6 UK19

    New Year ceasefire

    Time: 31st December 12:00 until 1st January 12:00(UK time)
    Server: UK2, UK4, UK5 UK6 UK19

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    From Your Travian:Legends Team

    Please note:

    - All times are UK times (GMT)
    -During the ceasefire any attacks or raids you send will do no damage and will only leave a holiday greeting
    -Scouting will still work normally
    -The Natars will ignore the ceasefires, they will continue attacking the WWs and the grey zone but you can't attack them back
    -There will be no starvation during the ceasefires and for 24 hours after they end. Your troops will continue consuming crop until the granaries are empty though. It is imperative your troops have sufficient crop when the "no starvation" period ends
    - At the beginning of each ceasefire, each account on the affected servers will receive an automated system message, reminding players óf the ceasefire.
    - You will not be able to achieve 100 points in the daily tasks during the ceasefire. As the purpose of the ceasefire itself is to give you some time away from Travian, this should however not have too big an effect.
    - Please leave a gap of a few seconds for attacks landing soon after the end of the ceasefires.

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