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Thread: Best attack reports of UK S2

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    It seems my ego is'nt big enough so I need to come here to brag on the forum about how amazing I am.. ..

    Well okay - AA vs LCA

    Here's my super cool hammer chiefing against Moonster's hammer (possibly wwr),4653450f216

    What tickled me was the fact that a Pantheon anvil landed on this LCA hammer village
    What tickled me pink was that is landed late and then starved all day

    Hmm, what else...

    Oh yeah we also successfully landed the following attacks:
    General - cap bashed
    Craigus Maximus - cap bashed
    lapin92 - cap bashed
    CruLL7 - cap bashed
    Leamy - cap bashed
    Daddys Darlings - cap bashed
    Mayhemuk2 - cap bashed
    MashedPotatoX - cap bashed
    Lessa - cap bashed
    Emperor - cap bashed
    Thew - cap bashed
    nighthawk - cap bashed
    kady - cap bashed

    Some fields were 19

    May have been some more.. I am not going to provide the reports but ask nicely in game and someone might

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    Pretty damn impressive.

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    Credit where credit due, it was a nicely orchestrated set of attacks and we were outclassed on the day.

    What tickles me (personally) is when someone's so confident that they leave chiefs in the way of a real. Fortunately for them it was lacking the follow-up waves. I do make a lot of mistakes, but I occasionally get something right, so perhaps best not to rely on my errors next time.

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    Oooo lala ...

    Time for show and tell - the results of another LCA bashing

    Guess we start with my failed Large Diet steal attempt. Broke through and killed a lot of defense but I lost 93% so my hero sadly died....

    Poor Teutobod got hammer killed along with all wheat fields (a second hammer landed after this too)

    Large AA chiefed and stolen ..

    Small diet stolen ..

    The remaining attacks all hit capital and hit defense. But all got through, most/ some with 'relative ease' and wiped out pretty much all cap wheat fields..

    Ragdoll - cap bashed
    Edward Elric - cap bashed
    PaperStars - cap bashed
    Well - cap bashed
    z1v1l3 - cap bashed
    POP - cap bashed
    adamc555 - cap bashed
    Fessmester - cap bashed


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    LCA saw this as a victory, Im told. No further comments from me.

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    good attacks,
    It could be seen as a victory, if that's strategic to kill the armies...

    8 other armies is strong if that is part of the same attacks whats to say the others aren't being defended also

    The first two hammers are hardly in any shape to return
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