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    Hi i've just had a bug with the auction specifically on a book of wisdom bid where I put a bid but when the page updates it says the exact amount I bid as the current bid and that the bidder is maverick,
    eg. Current bid: 11
    Highest bidder: Maverick

    And it keeps doing this every time I put a new bet on it.

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    please report this to your server MH so they can check.
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    This is because the player already has a bit higher than you, you need to bid higher than that player to outbid their current highest bid e.g.

    Helmet is listed on auction with auto minimum of 100
    Player A bids 500 and the auction goes to 100 (or 101 I cannot remember)
    Player B bids 150 and the action goes to 150, with player A still leading
    Player B bids 250 and the auction goes to 250, with player A still leading
    Player B bids 550 and the auction goes to 501, with player B now leading

    It is a blind auction system where you do not know what the other player has bid, to maximise the bidding.
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    People are actually outbidding others and the wrong winner is displayed. I am not sure whether it's the push protection also kicking in, but they're adamant that their bid was higher and is still not outbidding the current winner.

    There were changes to the auction house installed in the last few days, so it may be related. If people give as much detail as possible to the multihunter, they can check whether there seems to be a pattern.

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