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    Lords and Ladies

    Bonfire Night in the UK commemorates the failed Gunpowder Plot from 1605. While it's a great excuse for fireworks and a bonfire, it marks the failure of the plot to explode gun powder under the House of Lords - one of the chambers of Parliament.

    This competition is to create the title that you would choose (or inflict on someone else) in the House of Lords. You should also explain why you have picked the name. A (poor) example is provided below.

    Lord Lucan of Luton
    - Both start with Lu
    - Lucan rhymes with Toucan
    - Lucan is an infamous name

    With a little poetic licence:
    [Lord/Baroness/Earl/Viscount/Baron/Viscountess/Countess/Count/Marquess/Marchioness] of [place in UK]

    Please submit your entry by sending a private message containing the title and rationale to mod sam by 23:59 on Monday 9th November. Each member can enter up to three times.

    Entries that comply with the forum rules will then be posted anonymously and a public vote used to pick a single winner of 150 gold.
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