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Thread: Travian "Ancient Europe" changelog

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    Default Travian "Ancient Europe" changelog

    Dear players,

    soon our summer server with the special "Ancient Europe" scenario will be starting on our domain. Here is an overview of the changes and new features.

    General Changes

    • Instead of the normal Travian map, we have a new map for this scenario that shows you Europe with parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

    • There will be no wonder of the world anymore. You can only win by collecting victory points with your alliance. The alliance with the most victory points wins.

    • The amount of bonus granted to merchants by the Trade Office building and to units by the Tournament Square building is doubled.

    Ancient Cities and Artifacts

    There will be 87 Ancient Cities from the start, which are spread among the map. In these Ancient Cities the artefacts are waiting for you. There will be no artefacts appearing in the midgame! Ancient cities will be defended by Romans, Gauls or Teutons. However they will have no AI, so they cannot build fields or buildings or produce troops. But from the start they will be guarded by a certain amount of troops. Ancient Cities can only be conquered and not destroyed. The main capital of each tribe (Romans, Gauls and Teutons) is excluded and can’t be attacked or conquered. Artefacts cannot be moved and the Ancient Cities canīt be the main capital of any player.

    If a player owns more than one ancient city, there are certain rules to regard:
    A maximum of three artifacts can be activated, in which only ONE account wide or unique artifact can be activated. So: Either three small artifacts can be activated or two small and one account/ unique artifact. If a player owns two artifacts with the same effect, then only one of them will have an effect, if both are activated via treasury. Please be aware of the fact that a unique artifact does not necessarily have an account-wide scope (e.g. the unique Fools artifact).

    The artefact has no effect if either Victory Points are chosen or if no button has been clicked so far (idle state of artifact).

    Every effect endures 24 hours (timer counting down) and the owner of an Ancient City has to decide whether he wants to use the power of the artefact or to generate victory points. The treasury popup from ancient cities do only have the two buttons for: Victory Points and own artifact effect. There is no possibility to activate "remote" (foreign members' artifacts' effects) effects from here on. The "remote" artifacts' effects will be explained later on.

    If another player conquers your Ancient City in which the effect is active, this effect immediately stops, no matter if account wide or ancient city-wide.

    Ancient Cities do not provide morale bonus, while fighting for them.

    Alliances and "remote" artefact effect powers

    If you are in an alliance, where other players also possess Ancient Cities, another more complex rule applies:

    You can activate a "remote" or foreign artifact power from another alliance's member's Ancient City. For this, you can see the button in the treasury popup in a "normal" village, meaning any village except of Ancient Cities. So, besides of the Ancient City powers, you can take effects for your villages from other alliance members. This foreign power is only available, if you spend 10 gold! The treasury in a village needs a certain level in order to use the effects:

    Meeting requirements:
    • Treasury Level 10: You can use "ancient village" scope artifacts from other members
    • Treasury Level 20: You can use "account wide" and "unique" scope artifacts from other members

    You are able to see all Ancient Cities (and its effects) of your alliance. Foreign effects can only be used if the owning member of that artifact has activated the effect. If the other member's artifact is "idle" (no button clicked yet) or if Victory Points were chosen by the owning player, the rest of the alliance cannot "grab" its effect for their own villages.
    The player taking the "remote" power for 10 gold must be aware that it will only be the rest of the time that has been left for the owner of the ancient power (time shown in the countdown). No matter which scope is shown on the member's artifact, the player who activates this for his own village just gets the effect village-wide. If the effect was activated for one village, all other “use remote power” buttons in this village are deactivated.

    There is no "stealing" of effects from other alliances' members: Every alliance member can take any artifact effect for their village, as long as their treasury meets the requirements. It might happen that 10 alliance members are taking the same effect, for example. There is no limitation for that.

    Alliance members

    • Account deletion: If you decide to delete yourself, you cannot activate AC powers or generate VP for the alliance. Nevertheless you can still use “remote powers”

    • Member leaves alliance: If you want to leave your alliance, you can only do so, if you don’t use artifact powers currently (regardless of remote or his own). Or in other words: If you have activated AC powers, you cannot leave your alliance.

    • Alliance kicks member: If a leader of an alliance (the one with the necessary rights) wants to kick a player, the player will not be kicked immediately (like it is now). Instead of that, the player gets kicked 24 hours afterwards. Important: The 24 hour kicking delay counts to ANY member of the alliance, no matter if the player has Ancient Cities or activated powers. Once the leader activated the “kick player” countdown, the “player who will be soon without an alliance” cannot activate artifacts anymore, neither remote nor his own Ancient City ones. The ones that are already active stay active till their own countdown timed out. If the “player who will be soon without an alliance” wants to activate his own Ancient City powers, (before the kick by the leader is done), he needs to quit his alliance first.

    The "Fool's Artifact" and its special condition

    Foolīs artifacts change powers and scope. This happens when the Ancient City containing a Fools artifact gets conquered by ANOTHER player and either the Fools artifact powers or the victory points where chosen and the 24 hours are over. Or in other words: it changes its effect at the same time the player who controls the Ancient City with a Fools artifact can press the two buttons again.
    <center><b>[COLOR="#000000"]D[/COLOR]on't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href=""><b>Answers page</b></a></center>

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    Dear players,

    on Tuesday, 22nd July, the latest game release will be installed on UK3.

    Here is the changelog for that update:

    - TRAIVBXXIV-479: aEU: Map: Low Bandwith: Desert Tiles did not exist in the low-res mode. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-481: aEU: Map: Low Bandwith: Water Tiles did not exist in the low-res mode. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-482: aEU: Remote/Artifacts: Alliance: Kicked player: If a player without an artefact has been removed from the alliance, then this happened instant. Now every member has a 24 hour countdown before he gets kicked.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-490: aEU: Treasury: Numeration of artefacts in treasury popup is wrong. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-486: aEU: Treasury: When logged in with Low Bandwidth treasury popup showed the new graphics. Now they are not shown anymore.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-499: aEU: GameEnd: System Message: Some Sysmessage language variables were not working. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-501: Village: Main Building: Demolish: Villages didnt get deleted when being demolished completely. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-508: aEU: Alliance: When a player is being kicked he could activate ancient city powers. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-512: aEU: Teasury: The listing of the unique artefacts were wrong. Now all unique artefact will always be shown at the end of the numeration.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-520: aEU: Treasury: Management tab is not displayed correctly in non-ancient cities. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-526: aEU: Alliance: Kicktimer: If reloading a page with the kick timer, it multiplies and gives a new 24 hours kicktimer Fixed.


    - TRAIVBXXIV-478: aEU: Village: Tournament square: The bonus provided by the tournament square has been doubled.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-498: aEU: Implemented a log to see when a player activated a remote artefact power.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-504: aEU: Ancient cities: They received some extra graphics to improve usability.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-506: aEU: Alliance: Kicktimer: If a player has the kicktimer active, he can manually instant-leave the alliance so he is able to use his artefact again. Otherwise it would be possible to block this player.
    <center><b>[COLOR="#000000"]D[/COLOR]on't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href=""><b>Answers page</b></a></center>

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