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Thread: Travian 4.4/Legends Changelog

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    Dear players,

    the release "Kraken" (Patch 22.1: 2679) will be installed on our servers in the coming days. Here is the changelog:

    Important Notes:
    -Players need to clear their browser cache before they see the successful fix for TRAIVBXXIV-2765 Marketplace


    TRAIVBXXIV-2742 Remove numeric keys for PC browsers - so that players can input big numbers without confusion.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2124 Create new subtabs within the embassy - so that our UI is improved
    TRAIVBXXIV-2714 Add "exit alliance"-action to embassy - so that players can leave their alliance where they've entered it.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2760 Add comma to date and time setting overall in the game - to improve readability
    TRAIVBXXIV-2095 Show nearby alliances in the embassy - so players have a better overview about the alliances around them
    TRAIVBXXIV-2099 Show surrounding reports in the village/oasis detail view - so the game world activity is more visible for players
    TRAIVBXXIV-2763 Create a new pop-up "window" in the game - to improve overview of all UI/UX elements we use
    TRAIVBXXIV-2657 Delete Trade Routes to WWs after confederacy relationship ends - to be consistent with artefact behaviour
    TRAIVBXXIV-2754 Change the "can't change hero's village" text - to improve clarity
    TRAIVBXXIV-2100 Bring the player to the troop overview when releasing troops - so the player sees the result of his action
    TRAIVBXXIV-2096 Color code the quest rewards if the reward exceeds the storage capacity - so players are warned if they loose resources.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2098 Show how long it will take until a resource storage is full (or empty) in the resource tooltip - so players know when they should come back
    TRAIVBXXIV-2630 Add an "edit"-link to the send troops tab - so that the player can go back and edit his troop selection
    TRAIVBXXIV-2812 It is no longer necessary to refresh the page after buying gold
    TRAIVBXXIV-2691 Show high crop consumption in the resource bar via red numbers - so that players note when they are in a village where crop is consumed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2839 Remove the visibility of a "natar only" prerequisites - so we confuse players less
    TRAIVBXXIV-2154 Link the icons of troops in the choose troops form to the unit stats page – so the player can get information about troops easier
    TRAIVBXXIV-2101 Update the hero health bar when using ointment - so the player sees the result of their action without reloading the page
    TRAIVBXXIV-2103 Show repairing icons in the village overview - so the game is more consistent.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2123 Improve the tooltips of horses - so they take the Gaul tribe advantage into account
    TRAIVBXXIV-2729 Save per account cookie information (and not per browser) - so that settings of different accounts don't interfere
    TRAIVBXXIV-2102 Link to the combat simulator from the oasis detail view - so that player can learn about the combat system
    TRAIVBXXIV-2728 Hide the Truce SysMessages after the truce ended


    TRAIVBXXIV-2765 Marketplace: Clicking 'send resources' freezes the arrival countdown timer -> fixed; (please clear your browser cache)
    TRAIVBXXIV-2774 UI: Videos: Building Feature: Button and text are not centered in box crossbrowser -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2782 Rally Point: Possible to select negative troop amount -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2793 World Wonder: You can upgrade a WW with inactive construction plans -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2797 Alliance: Options Tab: It is missing a tooltip when logged in as sitter -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2784 Pushing protection: Error prevents players from sending resources with type 3 connection -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2798 Infobox: Gold "extend" button: Is missing a tooltip when logged in as sitter -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2807 Confederacy: Conquer protection is removed if player joins a new alliance -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2785 Village Overview: Misleading use of colour in dorf3.php smithy tab -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2805 Village Overview: Smithy: "In progress" troop icon can be messy if researching in more than 1 village -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2827 UI: Videos: text indicating amount of adsales building used should not have brackets -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2820 Auctions: Bypassing a gold confirmation popup is possible when exchanging gold to silver -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2832 Colorblind: Alliance: Online indicators: colorblind icons are not used -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2851 Rally Point: Farm list: US/UK date format breaks "last raid" layout -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2859 Auctions: Exchange office: smallest package pop-up does not open the payment wizard -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-1836 Tutorial: Skip tutorial: "Unknown id" popup appears after registering -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2840 World Wonder: Image in instructions window has black background -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2838 Server time: Changing timezone does not switch the server time on some pages -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2879 Layout error: Village Map Info Overview: Line is overlapping through Main UI -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2877 Alliance: Profile: Members: No vacation mode note anymore visible -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2881 ACP: Village Name: If you name your village with Unicode 3164 "Hangul Filler" player cannot be attacked -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2886 IE: Javascript error prevents opening the gold shop -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2887 Reports: Archive: Broken report/ Blank page for reinforcer under special circumstances -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2890 Tutorial: The "Hints on/off" button wrong visual state when the Tutorial Dialog is opened -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2906 Statistics: Deleted Player: Blank line after deletion -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2907 Tutorial: Disable Help task skipped -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2910 Preferences of user are taken from account itself, not from the person logging in (a sitter) -> fixed
    TRAIVBXXIV-2913 Payment: Banned players cannot access gold shop -> fixed
    <center><b>[COLOR="#000000"]D[/COLOR]on't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href=""><b>Answers page</b></a></center>

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    Team Lead Customer Service Travian Head Office
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    Dear players,

    our new release "Salamander" will be installed on our servers in the coming days. Here is the changelog:


    TRAIVBXXIV-3019 - Center popup messages vertically correct - so that players don't need to scroll anymore
    TRAIVBXXIV-3058 - Chrome: Map: Zoom causes map to be completely white
    TRAIVBXXIV-2995 - Change of the visual design of the Attributes screen - to make it more visually pleasing
    TRAIVBXXIV-3073 - Main UI: Error message appears when clicking on Show coordinates button
    TRAIVBXXIV-3062 - MainUI: Village Overview: The name of village covers the information about coordinates.
    TRAIVBXXIV-3044 - Main page: Register: UI: Choose a tribe page has stretched textbox
    TRAIVBXXIV-3052 - Statistics: Alliance/Victory Tab: The wrong line is highlighted in green
    TRAIVBXXIV-3098 - Profile: Edit Profile: a +50% any resource oasis is shown as +25%.
    TRAIVBXXIV-3043 - FireFox: Hero shield and Infobox: Expanding arrows are not centered
    TRAIVBXXIV-3038 - Alliance: Leave alliance: Quit alliance button is disabled in a different village
    TRAIVBXXIV-3110 - Quests answers: missing translations
    TRAIVBXXIV-3105 - cropfinder.php uses class that cannot be autoloaded and need to be included manually
    TRAIVBXXIV-3085 - WW: World Wonder crop bonus displayed incorrectly
    TRAIVBXXIV-3097 - Oasis: Possible to attack oasis instead of raiding
    TRAIVBXXIV-3045 - Game End: Victory Points: Rounding discrepancy between sysmsg and statistics
    TRAIVBXXIV-3104 - Conquest: Attack with catapults and chieftains leads to broken accounts
    TRAIVBXXIV-3060 - Village Overview: Oveview tab: Wrong villages are highlighted green
    TRAIVBXXIV-3165 - Hero: Adventures: Misleading text
    TRAIVBXXIV-3152 - Alliance: Members: Missing online indicator icons + attack icons
    <center><b>[COLOR="#000000"]D[/COLOR]on't let a bot ruin your game:</b>
    * 157439 troops have been deleted.
    * 8406 building levels have been deleted
    * 1344368 resources have been deleted
    <i>(recent example of a punishment for using externals)</i></center>
    <center>Questions about T4? Check our <a href=""><b>Answers page</b></a></center>

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    Dear Players

    Our new release "Oktoberfest" will be installed on our servers in the coming days. Please find the changelog below:

    TRAIVBXXIV-2014 - Add a tool tip to the "You are under attack"-Icons - to explain the player a missing rally point.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2867 - Add links to the icons under the profile picture - to improve usability
    TRAIVBXXIV-2873 - Add star to the window with tabs - that people can choose their preferred default view

    TRAIVBXXIV-3323 - Rally Point: Troop Evasion: Attacking troops disappear when the defending account is a new account
    TRAIVBXXIV-3314 - Building: Adsales: upgrading doesn't start after watching the video
    TRAIVBXXIV-3216 - Refactor the dialogs - so that they are always centered correctly
    TRAIVBXXIV-3291 - Banned account: It is possible to contribute to alliance bonus and spend gold
    TRAIVBXXIV-3281 - Exchange the online state icons in the alliances - so players can easier differ between different states
    TRAIVBXXIV-3233 - Implement hero status pictures for different states - so we always show the artwork we have.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2982 - Get rid of AEu feature and unify it to the Territorial scenario (which is based on AEu) - to simplify code
    TRAIVBXXIV-2592 - Quest reward text display overhauled - to improve stability of this part
    TRAIVBXXIV-2093 - Change the URL in the browser adress bar while browsing the world map - so a reload doesn't open the map from scratch
    TRAIVBXXIV-3289 - Auctions: Not possible to place bid
    TRAIVBXXIV-3287 - Buildings: Not possible to cancel construction
    TRAIVBXXIV-3285 - RoA: Alliance Bonuses: The table Contribution of the week resets not once a week as is written in the title
    TRAIVBXXIV-3217 - RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: RTL: Scrollbar is displayed for the bonuses description in FF
    TRAIVBXXIV-3175 - RoA: Alliance: Bonuses: bonuses bars move location, bonuses buttons are displayed incorrectly when zoomed out with broswer
    TRAIVBXXIV-3273 - PaymentShopV2: Buy gold menu: Nothing happens when clicking on 'Buy gold' button
    TRAIVBXXIV-3272 - Marketplace: Send resources: Not possible to find village with more than 20 characters
    TRAIVBXXIV-3205 - RoA: Alliance Bonus: Progress bar: past bonus value labels should not be visible
    TRAIVBXXIV-3244 - ShopUIV2: packages break into the next line when they have the same size
    TRAIVBXXIV-3131 - Alliance diplomacy to be refactored to use TGAlliance - to improve code reliability
    TRAIVBXXIV-3220 - RoA: Switching between mount and unmount doesn't update the hero speed text
    TRAIVBXXIV-3214 - Alliance: Message: Invitation IGM does not include link of inviting player and alliance
    TRAIVBXXIV-3267 - Payment: Image overlaps with price
    TRAIVBXXIV-3264 - Payment: Sitter is able to buy gold without having the rights
    TRAIVBXXIV-3176 - Hide reports about failed (for technical reasons) attacks - to improve user expirience
    TRAIVBXXIV-3258 - Alliance bonuses: Missing language variable "contribute Resources" is not listed in the translation tool
    TRAIVBXXIV-3211 - Support: Messages: Admin account names are not auto-suggested in the recipient field
    TRAIVBXXIV-2550 - Replace the ally member rights columns with a flags column - to make it more flexible
    TRAIVBXXIV-3227 - Marketplace: Buy: Paginator: Switching between ratios 1:1 and 1:x can produce empty results
    TRAIVBXXIV-3228 - Messages: The button which leads to travian answers page is missed for Ignored players tab
    TRAIVBXXIV-3255 - Alliance: Translation is missed for Change alliance description in Options tab
    TRAIVBXXIV-3241 - Alliance options: Profile tab: The title of the position overlays the name of the user
    TRAIVBXXIV-3239 - Alliance: Members tab: The name of member is wrong when clicking on Specialization button
    TRAIVBXXIV-3263 - PaymentShopV3: locale is not passed to the payment API
    TRAIVBXXIV-2451 - Update the adventure start button - to make life of some bots harder
    TRAIVBXXIV-3242 - PaymentShop V2: new pop up size changes brake layout
    TRAIVBXXIV-3222 - Hero: Attributes: Village name/link is not displayed in the hero state, when attacking a village
    TRAIVBXXIV-3235 - Welcome Screen: Wrong display behaviour in Safari on Mac
    TRAIVBXXIV-3236 - Cut the V2 paymentshop a bit smaller - so that we support our minimal resolution better.
    TRAIVBXXIV-2262 - Change the artifact checks, so that the bonus could be 0
    TRAIVBXXIV-3230 - PaymentShop V2: Package image is stretched to the size of the package border
    TRAIVBXXIV-3225 - In the GTL overview there is no longer the amount of gold shown, the player can transfer
    TRAIVBXXIV-3145 - Disable the marketplace link in the overview - to give information and prevent errors
    TRAIVBXXIV-3177 - Crop balance overview: Oasis: Reinforcement: Consumption value depicted incorrectly
    TRAIVBXXIV-3160 - Hero Overview: Appearance tab: The arrow doesn't collapse the menu
    TRAIVBXXIV-3144 - Count higher train troops orders to the daily quests - so that we improved our daily quests based on player wishes
    TRAIVBXXIV-3183 - Regions: region unlock progress bar extends under map
    TRAIVBXXIV-3042 - Hero: Items: Unequipping stackable items does not always work on first click Forum Admin & Multihunter

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    T4.4 (Oktoberfest) Hotfix– 1.10 (2843)

    TRAIVBXXIV-3459 Rally Point: Troop Merge: Incorrect amount of troops merged if reinforcements arrive while merge page is open
    TRAIVBXXIV-3456 Troop Merging: Possible to see anyone's troops
    TRAIVBXXIV-3448 Mainpage: GTL: Target Player cannot be found if their username has a space (Gold Transfer Link)
    TRAIVBXXIV-3451 Barracks: You can train double troops when you don't have enough resources for the second group Forum Admin & Multihunter

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    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    T4.4 (Walrus) Release – 42 (2874)

    TRAIVBXXIV-3486 - Remove running merchants on conquer village event
    TRAIVBXXIV-3485 - Adjust the Edit Players Profile page a bit to have aligned elements in there
    TRAIVBXXIV-3411 - Redirected back to the original URL after a login
    TRAIVBXXIV-3446 - Every tab in the payment popup should be accessible with an URL
    TRAIVBXXIV-3394 - RoA: Quest - "Train 3 settlers" quest will be completed as soon as player trains 3 settlers
    TRAIVBXXIV-3491 - Goria Medal will now change with the E-Mail when you do an E-Mail change

    TRAIVBXXIV-3522 - Hero: Items: Auction: It isn't possible to sell your Gelding for 100 silver
    TRAIVBXXIV-3479 - Dead hero information: Mozilla: the text near the exchange button isn't aligned to the left side
    TRAIVBXXIV-3463 - Hero: Attributes: Dead hero information: Gold exchange button is inactive when there is enough resources
    TRAIVBXXIV-3518 - Game end: System message doesn't fill the placeholders for alliance and player
    TRAIVBXXIV-3498 - Options: Account: Delete account doesn't show the timer (only after refreshing)
    TRAIVBXXIV-3511 - Earn gold: The table does't update immediately as the gold is awared
    TRAIVBXXIV-3508 - Hero: Auction: Bids: not possible to delete a bid (redirection to Attributes tab)
    TRAIVBXXIV-3461 - Dead hero information: Attributes: In case of gold exchange button is shown the clock has wrong layout
    TRAIVBXXIV-3513 - Sitter: When a sitter write an IGM there is no more the information "written by sitter"
    TRAIVBXXIV-3484 - Treasury: Artefact of the fool sometimes does not cancel its effect after changing it
    TRAIVBXXIV-3497 - Residence/Palace: Loyalty generates without a residence/palace
    TRAIVBXXIV-3509 - Rally Point: Troops are added to village before they arrive causing them to be deleted
    TRAIVBXXIV-3516 - Rally Point: Settle village: Double clicking the settle button will send two groups of settlers
    TRAIVBXXIV-3502 - Artefact: Artefact of the fool with effect of increasing cranny's capacity (*500 , *200) doesn't work
    TRAIVBXXIV-3473 - IGMs, Reports: Mark as unread does not update unread items bubble
    TRAIVBXXIV-3452 - Auctions & Player deletion: multiple problems while deleted player is the highest bidder
    TRAIVBXXIV-3482 - IGM: Can't delete messages from other players
    TRAIVBXXIV-3435 - IGM: Messages to yourself cannot be deleted on the first attempt
    TRAIVBXXIV-3471 - Alliance: Members: Online status is displayed not correctly
    TRAIVBXXIV-3436 - Tab: Tabs go a bit down after mouse over
    TRAIVBXXIV-3406 - Troops: Combat: Catapults hit targets in wrong order
    TRAIVBXXIV-3418 - Gold Menu: Advantages: Bonus countdown timer doesn't update

    30.11.2016 ~15:00 GMT+1 -- MY, SE, VN, RS, UK, TR
    Last edited by CM mhudson; 17 Nov 2016 at 06:53 PM. Forum Admin & Multihunter

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    T4.4 (Capslock) Release – 1 (2890)

    TRAIVBXXIV-3607 - Show the right reason why players can't send resources once the game world ended

    TRAIVBXXIV-3644 - WW: Building plan natar village doesn't disappear after conquering artifact
    TRAIVBXXIV-3550 - Auction: Silver Exchange: Redeem confirmation can be triggered multiple times, exchanging more gold than depicted
    TRAIVBXXIV-3631 - RoA: Pushing Protection: Not possible to get resources raiding an occupied oasis
    TRAIVBXXIV-3612 - Residence/Palace: Level of building does not increase loyalty generation speed
    TRAIVBXXIV-3478 - Links to the customer service survey are displayed incorrectly in the in-game messages
    TRAIVBXXIV-3576 - RoA: Alliance: Bonuses Tab: Bonus overview box resets collapse state upon refresh or changing pages
    TRAIVBXXIV-3464 - Reports: Defending hero is displayed in the attacker table in case attacking own village
    TRAIVBXXIV-3468 - Resource Production: Crop production doesn't update in dorf1.php after activating crop bonus
    TRAIVBXXIV-3567 - Troop forwarding: Crop supply: Crop production doesn't update after forwarding troops from an oasis
    TRAIVBXXIV-3512 - Infobox: Resource Bonus: Expiring bonus info box disappears
    TRAIVBXXIV-3524 - Message system: Helpcenter messages corrupt IGM Message View

    20.12.2016 ~15:00 GMT+1 -- UK Forum Admin & Multihunter

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    Changelog & Rolloutplan
    T4.4 (Capslock) Hotfix – 45.3 (2969)

    TRAIVBXXIV-3753 - A rework of the "contribute to alliance bonus"-daily quest - so that the amount of needed contributions increases with the amount of villages you have
    TRAIVBXXIV-3784 - A change of the description text in the Residence and Palace - to reflect the real usage of the buildings
    TRAIVBXXIV-3685 - Show an explanation for the RoA Pushing Protection - so that this hint is usefull.
    TRAIVBXXIV-3776 - Fix an edge case in Videos - so master builder doesn't interfere with it
    TRAIVBXXIV-3777 - Add the server speed factor to repairing traps - so that on speed servers traps repairing are faster
    TRAIVBXXIV-3778 - Use the same tooltip mechanic for abandoned valleys as in villages and oasis - so that we show consistency at the game world end.
    TRAIVBXXIV-3779 - Visually disable the exchange buttons when there is no free crop - to prevent players feeling cheated
    TRAIVBXXIV-3780 - Change the text "show more" to "show less" where appropriate, to reflect real interaction.

    TRAIVBXXIV-3745 - RoA: Alliance Bonus: bubble is not aligned with level node indicator
    TRAIVBXXIV-3720 - Master builder: There is no information that the building is under construction when it is upgrading to the max level
    TRAIVBXXIV-3711 - Smithy: improve button is not updated to disabled state in case not enough resources
    TRAIVBXXIV-3752 - Change the color of a region - so that it has distinguishable borders.
    TRAIVBXXIV-3725 - Natars: No reports when being attacked after settling in the grey death zone
    TRAIVBXXIV-3817 - Academy/Smithy: There is no research timer anymore

    with downtime(~15 to ~45 Minutes)

    20.02.2017 ~14:00 GMT Forum Admin & Multihunter

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    TRAIVBXXIV-3838 - Give users the ability to use the master builder even when there is enough resources when no building slots are available
    TRAIVBXXIV-3823 - Prevent the change of alliance name after the world ended

    TRAIVBXXIV-3906 - Alliance: Confederacy forums are not shown anymore after reopening the page
    TRAIVBXXIV-3861 - Marketplace: incoming merchants events are canceled after the village was conquered
    TRAIVBXXIV-3731 - Vacation: Oasis: Can't enter vacation mode after your oasis has been deleted in the hero's mansion if there are still incoming attacks
    TRAIVBXXIV-3712 - Daily Quests: Incorrect text variable in the 'Win an auction' quest
    TRAIVBXXIV-3662 - Attributes: When the section 'Attributes' is collapsed available points aren't displayed
    TRAIVBXXIV-3693 - Main Building: Demolish: it was incorrectly possible to demolish a building while it was being upgraded
    TRAIVBXXIV-3740 - IGM: Clicking on column 'Received' or 'Sent' does not sort messages by the time
    TRAIVBXXIV-3665 - Report: Rally point: amount of surviving troops is displayed incorrectly in battle report due to rounding
    TRAIVBXXIV-3687 - Attributes: The arrow doesn't change the direction after clicking on it
    TRAIVBXXIV-3628 - Statistics: General: text was missing colons
    TRAIVBXXIV-3827 - Deletion: IGMs of deleted players can not be read
    TRAIVBXXIV-3661 - Attributes: While switching between different tabs in hero overview the orange label 'Please save your changes' appears for a second
    TRAIVBXXIV-3830 - Alliance: No feedback after clicking "Quit alliance" button in case there is no Embassy
    TRAIVBXXIV-3822 - UI: There is the description is behind the image of the French language for Cranny and some other buildings
    TRAIVBXXIV-3811 - Alliance: Invitation mail: link to embassy broken Forum Admin & Multihunter

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