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Thread: Only one village?

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    Someone should get a team of players like that guy and do a whole quadrant... Quad of doom, has a funky ring to it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Middleton View Post
    Village Player(s) Pop Coordinates1. 01 PE11 1574 (132|81)‎2. C 5 continents five 1573 (-154|118)‎3. 02 le-le balkan q-q-le-le 1457 (80|-49)Thats on comx
    This account most definitely is not in Balkan. I wouldn't big ujp any Balkan player on another forum. Heck I wouldn't talk about Balkan on the com forum if I could help it.

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    I wasnt bigging anyone up lol, was merely showing the biggest villages at the time on comx

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    Fair enough. The player I was talking about was Friction btw. I think they finished with 3 villas and only had 3 as they had too much res. :p

    Takes a hell of a lot of effort to raid like bejesus and build a hammer with only one villa.

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    Hi everyone. I know that this post is very old, but since no one gave a proper rely this it I think I should do it.

    I played travian for years, and to be honest I was a little bit of a simmer, my best record was 44 villages!

    Now, since I don't have that much time (and patient) I decided to use the ONE VILLAGE strategy.

    825 pop and 10k Legionaries and 1k Equites Imperatoris.

    I think for the people that don't want to waste a lot of time growing village after village is a great strategy. I decided to only build Legionares because I think is the most eclective troop, can defend and attack decently

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