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Thread: Whats the travian gold club?

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    Default Whats the travian gold club?


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    The gold club allows you certain extras to help with the game, some things you have to pay for, some come free with gold club. You only pay once per server to join and it lasts the whole server.

    This is the description you get if you click on Travian plus and then on the ? by gold club.

    Gold club
    You will only be charged once for entry into Gold club. Afterwards you have access to various exclusive features. Some of the exclusive features are free, others cost a defined amount of gold per use.

    Free Gold club features:

    * Raid list
    * Raid statistics
    * Let merchants go thrice
    * Search for 9 and 15 croppers including oases

    Priced Gold club features:

    * Assign master builder up to 3 construction orders
    * Automated trade routes between your own villages
    * Hide troops from attacks in the forest
    (only possible if in the last 10 seconds no troops came home)

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    The raid list features are very useful if you raid... which you should be. Also later on in the game the merchants go x3 is handy, especially for feeding big armies overnight.
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