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Thread: Private servers

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    i winz the *****s
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    Quote Originally Posted by ventus View Post
    does anyone know what software's were used to make travian
    and can someone post download link
    and iv seen the game how can i proove that iv seen it
    put a dvdplayer in my brain and then put it on forums
    if you have a dvd player thati can put in my brain then tell me and il happily show you the private server from my memory
    again, you dont use software to make games

    all they will have had is a program to write code into and mysql to sort the database for the game out and thats it

    and quite frankly no I wont ever believe you have seen a private server just due to the fact Travian wouldnt let people have the code to do it, they wont even tell their support staff the actual battle formula

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon115 View Post
    I wont ever believe you have seen a private server
    I agree, it was probably just Tribal Wars, or maybe a server with a different graphics pack.
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    A friend of mine, Sarah, who plays on Russian servers claimed to have been given an invite recently. She did excellent as a Gaul and she claims a MH gave it to her.

    She showed me this address... And it does look like it could be a clone.

    Now I don't believe in private servers (like I don't believe in elves) but here is this masquerading as one.

    I will beg her to let me see when the server starts and report back to say what it actually is... Because it can't be a private classic server can it!

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    i want to join
    does it have different tribes to normal

    il copy link before its removed

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    tribal wars is similar to travian vut the background is compleatly different
    i saw travian on top and a small private server
    the troops were compleatly different to any of the tribes on here
    so there
    believe what you want to it wont change reality
    and see there s a private server
    check link

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