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Thread: Count to 1,000,000 (and back)

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    Slugs in your salad every once in a while is a good sign. Shows how fresh the product is and how low pesticide residue/use is. The innuendos made me giggle.

    I didn't really appreciate Logan as much as I should have at the time of watching, but it was a slow burner that after thinking about it made me realise how much I enjoyed the film. Similar to Rogue One. I went expecting something different and only after rewatching it did I realise its epic ness. As for popcorn, always sweet!

    @ MK I went swimming again too after a long break. Did 6 lengths and was breathing like I'd run a marathon.

    Really need to make more effort to exercise. Was 12s 6lb in July and am now 13s8lb. Lots of yoyo-ing on my withings graph.

    @ LR. I haven't actually had much of a chance to fly the drone. Just looked at one of the batteries and I've only charged it 11 times. Not sure what they've done since I last posted pictures on the forum but I can't get it to work so here is the link - . The first image is us plowing a field back in March that was to be drilled with combining peas. In the second image you can see the same field of peas in the bottom of the image (with some poor emergence in the heavy patches) and that picture was taken yesterday. It gives a good view of part of the farm with peas, wheat, potatoes, barley and oilseed rape all in the image. Some of the lighter looking patches in the wheat (second field from bottom) is actually a hard to control weed called sterile brome.

    Visited my cousin in London last weekend and went to the rugby sevens. She forced me to wear fancy dress and then a group of 70 of us all dressed in togas watched the rugby in one block before going out after. It was a brilliant break from the countryside. Reminded me of my Newcastle Uni days (especially with the amount everyone drank).

    Hope everyone is well. What did everyone get up to for their bank holiday?
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