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  1. First Mister called Jesse that I've heard of- maybe that'll explain my wonderings
  2. Since 1983, I've been a mister
  3. Uk Mister or Missus (I'm not sure if you're a man or a woman- care to confirm? xD)
  4. I'm sure I'll get into some interesting debates over here
    Where do you live?
  5. lol I was having a laff in the first place
  6. Depends if your definition of fun is seeing cheaters get busted. I think that's fun

    I'll still be somewhat fun on the .us boards, but I've already tamed down over there.

    Unfortunately, when you show a little bit of fun, people begin to think you don't take your duties seriously. Therefore, I'd rather make sure there is no doubt I take my duties as an MH seriously.
  7. Damn. There was me thinking they'd finally stuck a fellow delinquent into a high up place and so I could see some fun but nooo....
  8. Yeah you better hide. I'll find you!

    Nah. As long as you don't break any rules, you'll be okay. I do take my job very seriously though.
  9. You a Multihunter???
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